At its regular meeting on September 27, 2022, the Board of Directors of the West Kern Water District (District) directed staff to initiate the process to adjust water rates to West Kern customers in accordance with Proposition 218. A revised study of the District’s water rates (Rate Study), which is the basis for the proposed rate adjustments, is available on the District’s website. Hard copies of the Rate Study are available upon request. A public hearing has been set for December 20, 2022 to hear formal protests regarding the rate adjustments from those entitled to protest. A notice of public hearing was recently sent to customers in accordance with Proposition 218 guidelines. If a pure majority of protest is not received, the new rates will be adopted, become effective immediately and be reflected on your February 2023 water bill. Two public workshops have been scheduled to discuss the Rate Study and Prop 218 process in more detail. The date, time and location of the public workshops are listed below.

The last water rate adjustment became effective in 2011. Since that time, the District has experienced considerable increases in the costs associated with providing water service to its customers, which are beyond the District’s control. Major issues contributing to those costs included reduced surface water supplies from the State Water Project (SWP), increased costs for replacement water, maintaining the reliability of the water delivery infrastructure (including participation in the Delta Conveyance Project) and volatile energy prices, to name a few. As such, the Board has determined that a uniform increase in water rates is necessary in-order- to maintain proper operations and maintenance of District facilities and systems.  Even with the rate adjustment your water rates are among the most affordable in the area.

Public Workshop Schedule

November 15, 2022, 10:00am to 11:00am – Westside Recreation and Parks District Conference Hall

December 6, 2022, 5:30pm to 6:30pm – Westside Recreation and Parks District Conference Hall

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