Apply For Service

To obtain water, a water service application is necessary.  A customer must come into the office at 800 Kern Street to complete and sign the application.  The following are mandatory at time of application.

  • Picture ID (ie. driver’s license, Permanent Resident or Alien Registration card)
  • Deposit

Information required to apply for service are as follows:  the name of customer, address of service, mailing address, employer name, type of account (residential, commercial, industrial), picture identification, and contact phone number(s).  One day notification is required to obtain service. Service is not provided on holidays or during the weekends.

Out of town applicants may call the office to obtain assistance in completing the application by e-mail or fax.  Deposit must be received before water service can be turned on.

Transfer of Service

When moving from one address to another within the District, a transfer of service is necessary.  Come into the office at 800 Kern Street or call the District Office at (661) 763-3151 to complete the transfer of service.  A one day notification is required to complete the transfer of service.  The following are required for a transfer of service: 

  1. The date to close current address; 
  2. The mailing address for the closing bill; 
  3. A water service application for the new address; and
  4. If on file, the deposit for the closing address will be transferred to the new account. 

Close Account

Call the office at (661) 763-3151 and give the date you wish to have the account closed and where the closing bill should be sent. Closing of an account can only be done by the person who has the account in his/her name. One day notification for closing an account is required. If a deposit is on the account, it will be applied to the closing bill. If there is a credit after billing, a refund will be sent to the designated address. 

Water Rates

Although West Kern Water District  has the statutory authority to impose assessments, the District has traditionally been a fee for service agency.  The District receives its revenue solely through the selling of water to its customers and fees for services.  The District is dependent upon rates and fees to operate, maintain and enhance our facilities. West Kern does not receive funds from property taxes. 

In accordance with the State’s Proposition 218, water rates are approved by the Board of Directors.  The District must comply with provisions of Proposition 218 to increase water rates.  In general, these requirements require a majority voter approval for a new water rate or increased water rates to go into effect.  Rate payers will be notified 45 days in advance of a public hearing.  A public hearing is held for customer input.  Revised water rates go into effect upon Board approval if there is not a majority protest. See Rates/Fees for water rate schedules and various fees.


To determine if you have a leak, turn off all water to your residence (inside & out).  Go to your meter and on the face of the meter is a triangle.  If this triangle is moving, it indicates a possible leak – water is running through the meter.   To find the leak, walk the perimeter of your property to see if you have any wet spots or green area where everything around it is brown.  This may be the location of the leak.  Also, check inside your home for leaky faucets, running toilets, overflowing evaporative cooler.  The customer is responsible for leaks on their property.  A plumber may need to be called.

Reading Your Meter

Meters are located in a concrete box typically in the alley or near the front curb of your residence.  Your meter is read in units of 100 cubic feet (cu.ft.).  One cubic foot is equal to 7.48 gallons.  Since the District bills in 100 cu.ft., the numbers in the white area on the meter is read.  The last two digits (in black) are not read. 

High Bill

Do You Have a High Bill?
If your bill is unusually high, the following are some tips to help you determine the cause:

Landscape Watering
Most substantial increases in water usage are during the summer months (June– October billings) as a result of increased landscape watering.  Also, timers not properly adjusted can cause high usage. Watering in the heat of the day is another culprit because it of the increased evaporation.

Evaporative Cooler 
During the summer months, the float on an evaporative cooler may need to be adjusted to maintain proper level.  If not adjusted properly, a continuous flow of water can lead to a very high bill.

Do You Have a Leak?
Little leaks can add up to a lot of wasted water and a high bill.  A small drip can waste 70 gallons of water in a day, while a steady leak can send more than 1,000 gallons a day down the drain.  Fix leaky pipes, faucets, and toilets that run.

Other Causes of High Bills

  • Washing ones car without an automatic shutoff nozzle.
  • Using the hose to sweep away leaves or dirt.
  • Children playing with the hose or in the sprinklers.
  • Washing clothes in a partially full machine. Washing machines use 40 or more gallons a load.
  • Long showers – most showers pour out between 3 and 8 gallons per minute.
  • Automatic dishwashers claim the most water used in a kitchen, about 7 to 14 gallons a run.

Contact customer service if you have additional questions or come into the office.  Conservation literature is also available for your use in the Office.

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