Recharge & Recovery Project

The North Well Field Project involves the construction of a new well field located on the axis of the Kern River between Interstate 5 and the California Aqueduct, which encompasses roughly 1000 acres. It will allow the District more flexibility and reliability in the development of its water supplies. Historically, the District has been entirely dependent on a single well field location to meet its water demands. In recent years, groundwater levels have seen great declines due to increased pumping to make up for the reductions in our annual State Water Project water supplies, and this newly acquired North Well Field Location allows the District access to an additional 100,000 acre-foot block of stored groundwater underneath the project location. In addition, the project provides additional wells that allow for redundancy and flexibility in our water production operations. The first phase of the project involves the construction of water wells and pipelines and is scheduled to become operational by the end of 2011. A subsequent phase calls for additional pipelines that should further increase operational flexibility. WKWD Groundwater Banking Project FINAL EIR and Appendices

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